Why This Blog?

Why this Blog? I’ve been a stand-up comedian for 10 years, and in that time I’ve learned that pursuing Stand-up comedy with the right mind frame can actually be used as a means to evolve consciousness and gain wisdom. Why do I say this? Because one of the great beauties of being a Stand-up comedian is it brings one face to face with one’s pain. It thrusts upon the practitioner emotions such as fear. Lots of fear. It puts one on the wheel of emotions and takes one for a ride through the cycle of pleasure and pain. Fear, failure, pain, jealousy, loneliness become crossed with ego, excitement, joy, and feelings of over importance. I have observed that when I go on the road for days or weeks to travel city to city performing, I experience all emotions each day. In a 24 hour period I will go from “I love being a comic” to “I need a real job”, from “I love America” to “This country sucks, from “I’m so blessed to pursue and live my dream” to “I hate everybody”. The pain, anger, and fear that I experience fully are a mirror which brings me face to face with my demons. This is why I’m starting this blog. Since I’ve learned so much about my humaneness from being a stand-up comedian, I am compelled to share theses lessons and experiences with others because they’ve been fascinating. There will be humor in this blog, but overall it will be about the underlying emotions that happen when humor is created. It will be perfect for anyone pursuing arts or dreams. However, these emotions are the same emotions we all humans face on our Earth walk for the brief time we may be here. Therefore, it can be for anyone who wants to grow and do more and be more.

Simon Kaufman


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Simon Kaufman is available for standup comedy and MC 'ing. He will travel anywhere in the U.S. He performs regularily in Seattle Washington 98122, Portland Oregon, Los Angeles California, and Hawaii 96720 and can travel anywhere. Call  (323)643-2970  or contact here to book.