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There are many problems in the world, luckily we have Simon Kaufman to solve them for us on stage.


Simon Kaufman’s performances are a form of social commentary on society. Taking a stoic philosophical viewpoint towards his life, Simon’s stand up act is like an orator standing in the Forum of ancient Rome using his humor as a means of speaking to his fellow countrymen as the empire declines.


Simon jokes about having grown up in a Jewish Home in the inner city and having two sets of friends. Being the only white guy on many of his little league sports teams and being exposed to both the Jewish culture as well as the minority inner city culture has left Simon with a rich understanding of all aspects of the American spectrum that few get to have. From the city to the country Simon’s jokes appeal to everybody.  Simon has performed stand up on Comcast Cable, and Up Late Northwest. He's appeared on Bravo TV's "Millionaire Matchmaker", and was in the movie "Silver Skies" with George Hamilton and Dick Van Patten. He currently lives in Hawaii and is one of the hosts of “The Morning Drive” on KBIG FM 97.9 in Hilo, HI. 


His comedy is cerebral but not stuffy and therefore works for all different types of audiences. His act is about the chaos of life, the over consumption of modern times, lack of leadership, and depicts and documents these crazy times and our current age of rapid evolution.


Simon is also a practitioner of Yoga and Transcendental Meditation and works to draw his art from his inner intuitive self and not just his intellect.  Overall he tries to have a positive spin on his performance and hopes to make it an uplifting experience by making people laugh. 




Simon Kaufman is available for standup comedy and MC 'ing. He will travel anywhere in the U.S. He performs regularily in Seattle Washington 98122, Portland Oregon, Los Angeles California, and Hawaii 96720 and can travel anywhere. Call  (323)643-2970  or contact here to book.